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Duration and Silence


I’m going to write what I hope is only a little blog, as it is almost four in the morning, I need to be up for work at 8, and  I have been emailing and the like for the past few hours. The voice that rabbits on to itself as a I type is sick of itself.


I mainly just wanted to exorcise a thought I’ve been having about my piece. It’s durational. To some extent, duration gives a piece a silence, a stillness. In my head anyway. If you’re sustaining a piece for anywhere upwards of 3 hours, your energy has to dissipate very gradually, or you’ll mess it right up.

In the same way that bedrooms have a silence and stillness to them – often, they’re empty for the majority of the day, and when they are occupied, it’s often by sleeping people, so more stillness. Or at least people who are relaxing. They can be places of great movement, of course (sex) but in general, not so much).

Depression is very still. Still and heavy. For me it is anyway.

The difficulty with this is that I don’t really see myself as a still, silent artist. So often, when I come to work on this piece, something, somewhere isn’t quite fitting. It’s reconciling, I suppose, what I want to express, with how I express myself, which I suppose, is just me finding my voice.

It’s taking bloody ages.



After a Silent February…


I have returned! On the rare occasion that my degree pulls rank and reminds me that fundamentally, it is my reason for being here, and my presence on said course is what is paying for me to live, I have little choice but to ‘jump to it’ and attach myself to my desk with an intravenous supply of coffee. Not that this has been unpleasant. I’m writing a dissertation  on pornography, and making a performance about fat. And some other bits and bobs about Virginia Woolf. Women, feminisim, depression, the body. These are all things I care about.

However, this is not to say that anything has stopped, and what I really want to tell you about is my new performance night LAST SATURDAY LIVE which is having it’s debut night a week on Saturday! How wonderful is that? A haze of wonderful (no moaning about stress or tiredness, totally, totally worth it, and I can’t wait!) – but there’s a lot to do: organising documentation, making sure that there will be drinks, meeting with the artists involved (and hoping I don’t give them the remnants of gastric flu…), and sorting out publicity. The joy of it is that it’s a big, rolling work. For as long as I can run one once a month, and for as long as there will be a single audience member once a month, I want to keep holding this night, so if something doesn’t work this time, we can do it better next time! And that in itself is something to be excited about. Learning Learning.

Today I’m meeting the lovely Louise Hill, one of the artists that will be performing at the event in March. We’re going to Bank Street for lots of lovely tea and cake, and to pick out a space for her and work out the best way in which we can accommodate her piece over the evening, and how it can work in the new context. When I last saw the piece that she is performing ‘The Darker the Berry’ it was at InXclusion ( and I thought it was fabulous. I can’t wait to see it a second time, and to have a chat with Louise about her thoughts about the piece since then.

I have a ton of emails to send, so I’m going to leave it there, and head to the kitchen for coffee and apples.

Will be back soon to tell you some more exciting creative thoughts, and also with a cheeky update of how my afternoon with Louise went.

I’ve missed you, we should do this more often –