Some Affirmations My Therapist Asked Me To Write


Affirmation for when The Policeman in Your Head Tells You You Are Arrogant

No, I am not.

I work very hard.

(yes, I do! Even the very! I work, very  hard. And the fact that other people also work very hard in different ways, and with different results does not change this)

I deserve the successes that I have.

I am allowed to enjoy them, and be happy about them.

I am allowed to receive compliments with joy and happiness.

I am allowed to ask for what I want as well as what I need.

I am good at what I do.

What I do is important.

I am not too much.


Affirmation for a Bad Review

I made a show.

And I am very, very proud of it.

It is the best writing I have ever done

there is a small part of my soul in it

And I really fucking like it.

it is for my people

and when i do it the soul of my nan, and the spirit of my birth parents is with me

some people will not like it. Some people will be unbothered by it. But none of this needs to matter to me, because I like it. I like it a lot.

and when it is done, I can call my mum and dad,

and when the month is done

I can go to their home, and sit in their garden with my sister

And the four of us will feel joy in simply being together

success or no.


Affirmation for Giving Up Dairy

For fuck’s sake mate, it is making us really sick


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